Why Use Bible Verses?

Welcome to BibleQuotes.org. We are happy to offer you famous Bible quotes, sayings and proverbs from the Bible. We have plenty of Christian Bible quotes on many topics.

We find motivation from a lot of things in our life. The Bible is a vast resource of knowledge, motivation and hope and love. Inspirational Bible quotes are important to us. The Bible is a great source of inspiration and the quotes and sayings in the Bible can help us in our everyday life. There are biblical quotes on all aspects of life, therefore the bible is a fantastic resource on life events.

Sometimes its difficult to know what to say or write when something important happens to people around you. When you lack the right words, then let the bible help you and use a reference from the Bible.

Bible Quotes are also very popular and appreciated when used in all types of life events, both happy and sad events. You can use Bible Quotes for all occasions, birthdays, weddings and funerals. The Bible Quotes you find here aim to inspire, encourage, and strengthen you and maybe also help renew your faith.

Bible Quotes are also ideal for graduation cards, birthday cards, Christmas cards, Easter cards and all other cards when you wish to express something profound or are not sure on what to write. The Bible offer plenty of amazing quotes on all life’s events.

Just have a look at the menu to your right and pick the most appropriate bible quote.

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  1. Nwosu Bright says:

    Bible, the word of God.

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