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Here you’ll find helpful Bible resources. We are currently building out this section with great content and resources so please do check back later as new resources are continually added. If you know of, or own, a website you think we should consider including here then feel free to contact us.

Bible Resources

The Open Library has a great collection of Bible versions and resources where you can download eBooks, books to read on your iPad or Kindle.

The Bible Gateway is a leading online Bible resource with over 100 searchable Bible versions in 50 languages.

Google eBookstore has an extensive collection of Bible eBooks that you can read on the Web, Android, iPhone, iPad, Sony and Nook.

Wikipedia has an entire section dedicated to the Bible.

Christian Directory – Over 27,000 Christian services, products and websites.

Bible Websites & Blogs

Amazing Bible provides Bible studies and information, “if it’s in the Gospel it’s here”

Bible Articles

Read our article on Bible quotes on life

Read our article on why use Bible Verses

Read our article on how verses from the Bible impact your daily everyday life

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